Find a way to make it work.
Design is 39% inspiration, 69% perspiration, and -8% math.
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We’re all on the same side here.
Music overcomes opposition through composition.
Cartoonatic is a fanciful, Looney Tunes-esque composition that would fit perfectly as the musical bed for a Saturday morning television cartoon. 
Guardian Angel (3rd & King) is a moody, midtempo, acoustic rock song about the memory of a loved one always staying with you. 
What I'm Trying To Say (Syrym) is an earnest piano ballad, told from the point of view of a father trying to explain divorce to his young son.Watch the videoAvailable on iTunes
Ugly On The Inside (Syrym) is an uptempo, guitar-driven, radio-ready rocker that puts a twist on the concept of inner beauty.Watch the videoAvailable on iTunes
Stop trying to say it and say it.
Write with wit and wisdom, but don’t forget to use a pen.
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But enough about me. Let's talk about me.
Be true. Be kind. Bebop.

Jeffrey Winslow is a multi-award-winning web designer, print designer, and musician with over 20 years of marketing experience. He also has worked as a freelance writer, assisting companies and publicists in their marketing efforts. As the owner and principal designer of J Scott Design, Jeffrey has had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of clientele, including accounting firms, industrial manufacturers, non-profits, bands, authors, artists, and retailers, among others. He has been featured in an Oakland Tribune article about web design, and appeared on a television talk show discussing his experiences as both a musician and web designer.

Jeffrey is also a professional vocalist, musician, and songwriter with over 30 years' experience performing, recording, and marketing music. Most recently, he has been singing and playing keys for Bay Area party band Off The Record. Prior to that, as the singer for HazeXperience (featuring original Y&T drummer Leonard Haze), he released an album and performed live with the band for several years. Previously, as the vocalist for Syrym, he sold albums worldwide and appeared in magazines and on radio with songs like "Ugly On The Inside," "Foul Mouth Blues," and "What I'm Trying To Say." He has repeatedly been called upon to provide vocals for studio sessions, and has written and performed music for television and radio commercials.

Jeffrey is an avid sports fan who lives and dies with his favorite teams. He also collects music and movies, and attempts to read when he has a spare moment (although those seem to be few and far between). Jeffrey has two daughters and lives in San Ramon, California, with his wife, four rabbits, and two dogs.

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